Monday, March 12, 2012

Days 6 (Violet), 7 (black & white) and 8 (Metallic) of Nail Polish Challenge

So as usual, I am late posting to this blog. This seems to be becoming the trend -_-. Anyways, on to the manis.

Day #6's theme was Violet. I used WetNWild's Megalast"On a Trip" as the violet base, and various colored nail art polishes to freehand this tribal mani. I winged it with this one, doing whatever popped in my head for each nail when I got to it, so every nail is different. By the time I took these pictures it had some wear on the tips and the shine was lacking, so just ignore those little details. I tend to love tribal inspired nail designs, and while I get plenty compliments every time I do one I never seem to reach that "oh my god this is a perfect tribal" point, even when I really like the outcome of what I do. On this one there are nails that look more geometrical than tribal, but oh well. Guess I'll just need to keep doing tribals and practice till I get there!

Right hand

Left hand

Day #7's theme was Black & White. I used Essie's "Au Natural " as a nude base, and nail art polishes to freehand the black and white stripe design. I actually really liked this calm subdued mani. I don't do subdued manis very often, it felt very "grown-up" and sophisticated.

Day #8's theme was Metallic. I see a lot of people use very pretty metallic and chrome colors for this theme but unfortunately I don't own any super metallics or chromes. I figured metallic glitters would do just fine, and indeed I think it did. For this mani I used Butter London's "West End Wonderland", a beautiful gold glitter that actually has very subtle tiny flecks of silver and copper in there, as a base. I layered Essie Lux Effects "Set In Stones" over it, a shiny silver hex glitter in a clear base. I wasn't sure about it but once it was on I fell in love with the gold and silver combo. It catches the light so prettily and feels so feminine without being pink and in your face "blingy".

Indoors, no flash

Daylight back light, to show more of that shine!

Until next time, which will hopefully not be so long from now! Grr.

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