Monday, February 27, 2012

Recent hauls and MANicures!

So I went on a not so little spending spree and bought myself some awesome polishes! I even splurged on some Butter London polishes, which were super expensive compared to - say - Essie polish. But I just couldn't resist trying a "fancy" brand. Here's a pictures of the goods!

Also, my wonderful cousin who is also a nail polish fanatic sent me a super awesome package full of polish! And I absolutely love the colors she picked out. I always end up buying glitter polishes because I can't resist sparkly things, like a moth to a flame. And because of her I now have a bunch of beautiful creamy colors!

My boyfriend is a wonderful sport and lets me paint his toes whenever I want. He actually really enjoys mani/pedi time, as do I. He won't take it off right after either, he rocks it like a boss until it's pedi time again. Here is one I did for him that was Valentines day inspired. Watch out, hairy man feet ahead!

And here is a Reddit themed pedi I did for him :-) It was also the first "full" pedicure I gave him because I just couldn't take the state of his cuticles anymore. He winced and whined and considered it a form of torture. Needless to say he did not enjoy that part, but I sure had a laugh while doing it. They were so bad!

Here's to hoarding polish, love and men being good sports! Cheers!

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  1. My guy is super awesome about stuff like this too. He even helps me pick out colors and come up with ideas. Also I'm the same way with glitter polishes haha it's a curse!