Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Official "First Post" Post!

I recently ordered myself six Zoya polishes and used this brand for the first time ever. I'll be following up with a swatch and review post on all six. I only mention it now because one of said Zoya colors are used in this mani!

Double Cloud Mani: Sinful Colors “Nirvana”, Zoya “Neeka” (PC)

So I really wanted to try out another cloud mani ever since doing my first one a little while ago and falling in love. I needed to use one of my new Zoyas, because I don’t know if I’ll really gravitate towards using them so often. In comes Neeka, which I would be head over heels for if it was lighter! Anyways, I thought purple and brown would look mellow together. In the end though, both colors together is too dark for my taste. I wanted mellow, not invisible. From any sort of distance it looks like I have on some general dark color and nothing else, and well… if I’m doing it I want it to be seen!

That's it for now. For anyone wondering, PC stands for "pre-cleanup." In truth I'm really lazy about clean-up. I always figure  why waste the polish remover and Qtips? It'll all come off (sorta) when I take a shower anyway right? Well kids, technically that's a NO-NO. If your cuticles are flooded with polish, which then lifts up off and away from the skin during shower time allowing water/moisture to get under the polish... well, it can ruin the longevity of your mani. It can even lead to your polish peeling/lifting up in one whole layer. Like this:

To note, this happened during and after a shower. Moisture got up in all my polish and ruined my mani. However, this kind of peeling/lifting off whole thing also tends to happen with glitter polishes themselves. So watch out!